You're already creating energy as you walk to work, hike the trail, & ride your bike. Your nPower® PEG converts that energy into electricity to charge your cell phone.

Be Prepared.

–When the Power Goes Out...

And severe storms are expected to continue for hours. –How will you know if you need to take cover? What if you need to call for help?

Grab your PEG from you emergency kit. You'll have backup power to keep your devices charged to check the weather or make a call.


Never Miss a Shot

You're using your smart phone to take photos and to touch base with travel companions. Phone dies. Now what?

Don't head back to your hotel to recharge. Just reach into your bag and plug your phone into your PEG. You'll get a boost of power so that you can continue to explore.


Seal the Deal

Commuting between meetings or after hours at a restaurant, use your own kinetic energy with the nPower®PEG to stay connected.

Your kinetic energy keeps you connected at the airport, in a taxi, or at a trade show.