Hiking in the mountains

What to Expect from Your nPower®PEG

Talking On The Phone

Continue Your Conversation

On average, people need mobile power twice per week to keep their phone, GPS, or music player going. The PEG extends the use time of your device, giving you the ability to continue the conversation, find directions, or enjoy the rest of your favorite playlist.


Usage Scenarios

Long-distance backpackers on the Appalachian Trail are able to charge their smart phones 20% each day from hiking.

Commuters in cities like New York and San Francisco extend the use time of their mobile devices twice a week just from walking to & from work and taking public transportation.

Fitness fanatics make their iPod Nanos energy-neutral by carrying the PEG while exercising.

Listening In The Subway

Get Extended Use Time

The PEG is a backup battery charger; it will not take energy-hungry devices like iPhones & Androids completely off the grid (unless you're a long distance backpacker). It will, however, extend the use time of your device giving you extra power when you need it.


Even though the PEG is a backup power source, a full PEG provides a significant charge (70-75%) to smart phones, and a 100% charge to cell phones, Mp3 players, and other hand-held devices.

The PEG accepts a charge from your movement as well as from a USB wall charger or computer port. So, if you choose to be a couch potato over the weekend, you'll still be able to use your PEG as a backup battery by 'quick charging' it via USB.

Once your PEG has a charge, it charges your devices at the same rate as if you were plugged into a wall outlet.