Burning fossil fuel is an outdated, dirty, ineffecient, dangerous, and damaging way to power our world.  It took the earth 4.5 billion years to create all the oil, coal and natural gas in existence, and in about 100 years we've burnt more than half of it with aging, dirty, industrial age technology, putting the resulting emissions into the atmosphere, while fighting wars over it, stunting our economy, and addicting our country and our world to a diminishing finite resource.

The most pathetic example?  In Ohio, where Tremont Electric seeks to bring clean energy jobs to a rust belt state, fracking pumps toxic waste brine from shale oil mining into the earth, creating unprecdented - wait for it - earthquakes.  We are literally cracking open the earth under our feet, putting our own communities at risk, in pursuit of ever dirtier energy. It would be funny, if it wasn't so filthy, unprecedented, and utterly stupid.

We are better than this.  Why is this difficult to understand?  

Whether or not you believe climate change is real, the jobs created by a global transition to the abundance in renewable clean energy technologies are reason enough to reject the old ways, and begin anew.  Solar, wind, geothermal, waves, tidal...the supply and variety of clean energy is limitless, all of these sources can work together to power our world.

Kinetic energy is part of the solution.  It's all around us, untapped. Every time you walk, run, bike, or hike, energy is there to be harvested.  Each of us can create clean electricity if we use our own kinetic energy to power our hand-held devices, rather than using a wall outlet delivering dirty electricity created from burning coal.  Our technology's first step, the nPower® PEG, can be your own first step toward a clean energy future.  

At Tremont Electric, we are only just beginning.  The sun, wind, even the rotation of the earth itself all combine to create limitless, inexhaustible kinetic energy in waves on open water, within easy reach of the world's largest population centers.  nPower® technology can harness the massive kinetic energy in those waves, creating clean electricity competitive with the price of coal.  

That's right.  nPower® generated wave energy can be competitive with the price of coal.  Why are we burning coal again?

At Tremont Electric, we see you, using your own power in your own devices, whenever, wherever you need it, free from the grid.  And we see the world powered from no fuel other than motion, generating no emissions.  

We are so much better than dirty energy. We can be the change we seek.

Kinetic energy is unstoppable.  

Another world is possible.  

nPower® technology will help us all reach it.