Sustainability is Tremont Electric's core corporate value.  We are committed to using the least amount of resources necessary to manufacture, market, and distribute product, educating employees, shareholders, and customers regarding environmental concerns and efforts, and measuring the benefits of nPower® technology for our planet.  

At Tremont Electric, we push the minimums for even deeper material reduction. Our engineers designed the PEG first for functionality as a renewable energy lifestyle product, then looked for ways to streamline components taking away materials that did not add to the functionality or durability of the final product. We source over 90% of components locally, reducing the carbon emissions associated with material transportation.

8.2 million Americans who carry hand-held mobile electronic devices and walk for approximately one hour per day reduce their carbon footprint using nPower® technology.  A PEG buy-back program is currently under development as we explore the most effective way to bring PEGs back into our resource stream and provide meaningful repurposing and recycling.

In 2011, Tremont Electric was certified as a Triple Bottom Line company by the Green Plus Institute For Sustainable Development.