The PEG is Built in the USA

Size: Length 10.5" (27cm), lying flat 1.5" (4cm) width 2 1/8" (52mm) Operating Temp:  -30 C to 60 C (-22º to 140º F) 
Weight: 14 oz. Cables: USB to mini USB, USB to iGo, & interchangable iGo adapter tips
Energy Storage: 2000 mAh lithium ion polymer battery Ports: USB 2.0 Standard (1)
Watts: 2.5 Watts Input: Hybrid; via kinetic energy plus via USB
Voltage: 5V DC, 500mA output Warranty: 1 Year

Connect to Over 3,000 Devices

Your nPower® PEG comes with an iGo® cable allowing you to easily connect the PEG to your device. One end plugs into your PEG. Interchangeable adapter tips connect to the other end of the cable, allowing you to plug the PEG into your device.

Commonly-used adapter tips are available through our store. Additional tips are available through amazon,, and local retailers like RadioShack & Sears. So, if you decide to use the PEG with a new device, it's easy to pick up a new adapter tip online or at your local retailer. 


Have Backup Battery Power Everywhere You Go

The PEG comes with everything you need to start generating your own mobile power.

  • nPower® PEG
  • USB cable (to charge your PEG via USB)
  • iGo® Cable (to connect your PEG to your device)
  • iGo® Micro-USB Adapter Tip (the most commonly-used connector)
  • Apple adapters and Mini-USB adapters are also available.