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GoRUCK challenge video from our founder

Lost in all the chaos around Hurricane Sandy was the GoRUCK Challenge in Cleveland, where two of our staff, including founder Aaron LeMieux, spent a day having their butts kicked by the elements.  Here's video from Aaron, showing the final march into Lake Erie at the end of the challenge.  The waves you see are the leading elements of Hurricane Sandy, two days before it hit.


A customer relies on her PEG during Hurricane Sandy

Got this from a customer on our Facebook page

"i charged my phone with my peg 2x because of sandy....we still don't have power."


Hang in there folks.


Hurricane Sandy reminds Cleveland of climate change

Here at Tremont Electric, one of the reasons we do what we do is to help the world move away from fossil fuels that are causing climate change.  If anyone in Cleveland ever needed a reason to accept that climate change is real, Hurricane Sandy provided it.  Outside of New York City, the place with the most power outages from Sandy is the Cleveland area.  Here's a picture of two of the oldest trees in historic Lincoln Park in Tremont, just down the block from our office. 




Wanna know how powerful this storm was?  Below are bricks from the old Cleveland Municipal stadium that had been dumped into Lake Erie as breakwall over 15 years ago.  Sandy just spit them out onto the shore in Bratenahl.  Now they are a souvenir for one of the residents....Go Browns!




Our staff have been dealing with power outages all week, at home and at work, and it's ongoing. The office was without internet most of the week.  We had planned to present to the REI Soho store in NYC today, that obviously isn't happening.  Who knew that both them AND us, 450 miles away, would have lost our power from a hurricane in late October.  Thanks to everyone for your support as we work through our latest battle with climate change. 

As Frankenstorm Looms, Aaron LeMieux Speaks at Sarasota Green Business Roundtable



WHEN:  Monday, October 29, 5-7:30pm
WHAT:  2nd Annual Green Business Roundtable, Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
WHERE:  Gold Coast Eagle Distributing, 7051 Wireless Court, Sarasota, FL, 34240
WHO:  Aaron LeMieux, Founder of Tremont Electric
Named by CNN as "best tech for disasters", the nPower® PEG is the world's first passive kinetic energy charger for handheld electronics.  Placed in your backpack, the PEG harvests your kinetic energy as you move, storing it in a battery for use when you need it most - when there's no wall outlet.  
As another hurricane bears down on the east coast, the inventor of nPower® technology, Aaron LeMieux, will be speaking at the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce 2nd Annual Green Business Roundtable on Monday, October 29 from 5-730pm.  Aaron will be available for interviews.  Media kit attached.
"We can keep your phone charged in any emergency, including a Frankenstorm," said LeMieux.  "You can generate your own electricity, from no fuel, generating no emissions, with the nPower® PEG.  All you have to do is keep moving. And it's Made in America, in Cleveland, Ohio.  It's the perfect gift."
The nPower® PEG is available online at, or at REI stores nationally.  Click here for a video of how the nPower® PEG works

Made in USA Mobile Charger Debuts at REI Soho in New York Nov. 1

This holiday season, YOU can create American jobs in clean energy by getting that special someone on your list the Built In The USA nPower® PEG mobile charger for when they need power most - off the grid.  Placed in your backpack, the nPower® PEG passively harvests your kinetic energy as you move, storing it for use when you're away from a wall outlet. 

The nPower® PEG debuts in US retail for the 2012 holiday season at REI stores nationally and at REI Online.  Aaron LeMieux, Tremont Electric founder and inventor of the nPower® PEG, will be presenting to the staff at the REI Soho retail location in The Puck Building, at 303 Lafayette Street, New York City, 10012 before the store opens on November 1, at 9.45 am.  After the presentation, Aaron will be available for interviews. 

SmartPlanet called the nPower® PEG the "best charging device ever."  An Appalachian Trail backpacker said she'd trade a day's food if she had to, just to have the peace of mind she gets from the nPower® PEG.  A Cleveland customer said it's like a spare gas can you fill up by walking around.  CNN called the nPower® PEG "best tech for disasters".  The nPower® PEG won the 2012 Edison Award Silver Medal for Power Generation, and the 2010 Consumer Electronics Association i-Stage Second Place Award for Innovation.

Contact VP of Marketing, Jill LeMieux, at 216-513-5603, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , to arrange an interview, or for hi res images.

Below is a video of how the PEG works.




Jill LeMieux | VP of Marketing
direct: 216-513-5603
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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