How kinetic energy works

how it works


patent drawingQuick physics lesson!  Kinetic energy is the energy that an object possesses as a result of its motion.   For example, when you ride a bike, you use your own stored energy to pedal, but all around you and your pedaling, kinetic energy is created - in your legs as they move, and in the bike as it moves.

Kinetic energy is transferred as it encounters another object or friction.  At the pool table in a bar, your cue ball possesses kinetic energy as it travels toward the target ball, which is transferred to the target ball by the collision, which then heads into the pocket!  On the other hand, when a rocket launches into space, the energy of the booster rocket is transferred into the spacecraft, which then uses its enormous kinetic energy to zoom through the vacuum of space where there is no friction. 

Best thing about kinetic energy?  It’s all around us, all the time.  When you walk, you are generating kinetic energy in your body.  If you run, hike, or jog, you create more kinetic energy.  You can feel kinetic energy in a bumpy bus ride, or if your car has bad shock absorbers! When the sun, wind, and ocean currents combine to create waves, there is kinetic energy in the waves created.

Your nPower® PEG harvests kinetic energy for electricity by transferring the motion of objects to which it is attached into a spring mounted magnet.  The magnet bounces up and down (oscillating) through a coil repeatedly, creating an electrical charge in the coil from the movement of the magnetic field.  That’s called the Faraday Effect.  We like Mr. Faraday.

The more kinetic energy possessed by the moving object to which the PEG is attached, the more oscillating motion created in the spring mounted magnet, and the more electricity created.  nPower® is also scalable - the bigger or smaller the device, the more or less electricity nPower® generates.  So your PEG, attached to you, can power a hand-held device, but if it's built the size of a car and floating on open water, it can pump commercial scale electricity into the grid.


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