Is the nPower® PEG compatible with my device?
Likely!  The PEG is compatible with 90% of hand-held electronic devices through the use of iGo adapter tips, allowing the PEG to be connected to over 3,000 commonly used hand-held devices, like cell phones, cameras, music players, and GPS.

Can the nPower® PEG charge laptops?
No. Laptops require more power than the nPower® PEG is currently able to deliver. The PEG will deliver a minimal charge to an iPad.

What about iPads and tablets?
Not really.  In an emergency, the current PEG at full capacity will deliver a minimal charge to an iPad, about 10-15%.

Will the nPower® PEG charge multiple devices at the same time?
Nope.  One device at a time.  If you have devices with different power inputs, you need to purchase a separate iGo tip for each.

What's the battery capacity in my nPower® PEG?
The PEG has a 2000 mA lithium polymer battery on board, capable of charging an iPhone 3 to 100%, and an iPhone 4 to about 75%.

How much does a PEG weigh?
14 ounces.

How long does it take to fill my nPower® PEG's battery?
The PEG's output varies widely based on your activity and the device you charge.  Normal human walking generates less energy than running, hiking, or biking.  Small devices like iPod Nanos need about 1 minute of walking time with your peg to produce 1 minute of listening time.  Energy hungry devices like iPhones require about 25 minutes of walking time to generate 1 minute of talk time.  We recommend you fill the PEG from a wall outlet or your laptop before first use (which takes about 3.5 hours) so that your kinetic energy tops up the PEG's battery as you move.  

Does the PEG work while riding in a car?
Depends on where you put it, and how bumpy the ride.  If you put the PEG upright in a part of your car that has less shock absorption (like the inside wall of your trunk, or against the door), it will collect more power.  If you're on a very rough road, the PEG will collect more power, too.

Does the PEG work while riding a bike?
You bet!  To maximize your PEG on a bike ride, strap it upright to your leg, or place it upright in your backback, or even attach it to the fork on a bumpy ride, where there is maximium kinetic energy.

Why does the PEG have to be upright?
Gravity.  As you move, your body works hardest against the forces of gravity, so that's where you generate the most kinetic energy.  For example, it is easier to (requires less energy) to push something left to right than to lift it off the ground.  Your PEG is tuned to respond optimally to the momentum you create against gravity, so the springs inside the PEG work best when it is kept vertical.

Is the nPower® PEG like the shake flashlight?
Not really.  Shake flashlights rely on active energy exerted by the user - you have to shake it.  The nPower® PEG is passive - the user does not have to act on it for the PEG to collect kinetic energy.  Plus, your nPower® PEG generates far more electricity than is required to emit light.

How long will my nPower® PEG last?
The nPower® PEG comes with a one-year warranty, but we expect the current PEG to last 3-5 years without being damaged.

Is the nPower® PEG waterproof?
No.  The components inside the PEG are sealed, so they are resistant to dirt, water, and other contaminants, but don't go swimming with it! The USB port is not waterproof.

Is it possible to be shocked by the nPower® PEG?
Nope. The PEG is not an electrical shock hazard.

Where can I buy the nPower® PEG?
Available online at our website (you're already here!).  You can also get the PEG at any REI store in the US or at the REI website. If you're in Canada, you can get the PEG at Valhalla Pure Outfitters.