Get the Scoop from PEG Users

Carla A., aka 'Prada'

"Everything together weighs just over 14 ounces. At first I cringed at how much weight that seemed to be, but now after using it I'd even trade out a day's food if I had to just to be able to have it along. The thing is magical. 

...I hike alone and used to always hurry off the phone when calling home...Now I can talk at will, lend my phone to others...text anyone and everyone if I like, and send pictures on demand. I could even charge other people's phones on the trail, and that feeling of being able to help out was amazing."


U.S. Soldier in Afghanistan

"Being deployed to Afghanistan, power is a premium. As an infantry squad leader, there are times when I will go on extended patrol bases and not have access to power. The nPower® PEG is perfect for these applications."


Chris O., aka 'Stats'

"Fortunately, I have an nPower Peg by Tremont Electric, which generates electrical power as I walk.  In my hammock each night I use the Peg to charge my phone.  In fact, I am using it as I write this.  After 45 minutes of writing (with the screen darkened to 28%), the Droid's battery improved to 90%, and the Peg's LED indicator light was still green."