PEG in a hammock, charging while you sleep

Our prototype tester on the Appalachian Trail, Chris Odom, found a new joy from sleeping in the woods - hanging his PEG on his hammock

It was windy when I got to the shelter, so I set up my hammock and hung the nPower Peg from one of its sides to harness some of that wind power, as per the suggestion of the guys at Tremont Electric.  It worked great.  Before writing in my electronic journal, the Droid was at 70%.  I plugged in the Peg to recharge as I write.  After an hour of journaling the phone was at 90% and the Peg's indicator LEDs were still green!  I continued to charge for a few more minutes with the phone turned off.  The Peg was still green when I unplugged it.  This is great, great news!  What an awesome device the Peg is!

Thanks Chris!  Keep truckin'!




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